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A Post In Which I Gush About Jill

My weekend with Jill was awesome! Seriously, I can’t think of a better way to turn 30 then with with person who has known me since 2nd grade and STILL loves me. Jill gave me a carefree weekend full of laughter and fun and joy and hope for what the next decade of our friendship holds. We spontaneously got tattoos, ate the best food, drank the best drinks, watched “Titanic” in the most comfortable beds ever even though neither of us are big fans of the movie, and had the best time ever. I will never be able to express how blessed I am to have the best friend a girl could hope for. I can’t ever put into words how much it means to have someone know me so well, and love me anyway. Jill is my vault of memories, she is the keeper of my past and the hope for my future. Between her and Dustin I have had more love and acceptance than I ever thought possible. I am so very blessed and so very grateful. Jill – I love you bigger.

Tracy Allyn Croysdale

I absolutely love the story of your friendship. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! You look beautiful!

We kinda like her too : )
Love the tats ladies.

I love your hair!!!

I JUST put eye make-up on!

Seriously, though…I love that you put the picture of me where I look completely stoned. 😉

I had THE BEST time celebrating your 30. What an adventure. I love you bigger, too.


what a great gift, to have a friend like that. You hair looks amazing and you have a glow about you. I miss you, and our talks. I will agree with Kathy, you work is amazing as always. 🙂

Heaven's Eye Phtotography

What a beautiful friendship…and speaking of beautiful….can you be any more gorgeous! I love that hair do and you look like a million bucks…so happy. I still think about our days with Jesh and I hope you have an amazing time with him coming up. Your beauty is just radiating and your work continues to make me smile. Kathy

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