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Cutest Husband EVER!

I have so many people ask me how I manage to get people looking so in love, and how the heck I know when to take a picture where people do something so obviously spontaneous. The answer to that question is right here.

My beloved Dustin!

The reason I know when someone is going to kiss, or laugh or look at someone like they can’t live without them is because I have been so blessed to marry a man I am 100% completely totally PASSIONATELY in love with and we kiss, laugh and look at each other like that all the time! So I know how it feels to be all crazy in love with the person of your dreams, and I think it helps me photograph people in love too.

I just wanted to show off this cute picture of my HOT husband from an engagement session we did in San Francisco over the weekend. I love you Dustin! You are my friend. 🙂


lets go on a double date when Ali and I come to town!

What a hottie! Sarah I’m so glad you found your cookie. It’s a wonderful thing to love and be loved.


Lucky lucky Sarah! You give me hope.

There need to be more pics of Dustin! cute!

This is the sweetest blog entry! It gets me all thinking about being in love with my hubby too. You put it into words so well! Love keeping up with your blog!

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