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Do you believe in magic? Announcing Alchemy!

Announcing Alchemy!

I am so excited to share one of the funnest things I made last year with some of my favorite people ever. I am so proud to share with you Alchemy. Alchemy is a collaboration (and labor of love) between myself, Kate Whelan¬†Events and Flourish. Over the past few years we have noticed that the weddings we have worked together have been some of best weddings we have ever done. They are weddings we are incredibly proud of because ALL of our visions for the day became one sight and turned the events into something pretty magical. We decided to put those weddings together into a collection of our favorites and share it with you as a magazine! There’s also some great tips on how to make your wedding amazing.

So check out our first edition of Alchemy! We will have a new edition out soon to share even more of the prettiness we love so much.

Additionally, Kate, Shannon and I are now offering our brides special Alchemy savings. Not only will you get some extra goodies for having Alchemy a part of your wedding I PROMISE you that your wedding will be EVEN BETTER than you ever imagined. So don’t forget to ask me how Alchemy can help you make your wedding pure magic.


The AMAZING train just pulled into the station with Alchemy in the conductor’s box. You guys make the most beautiful things together. You make me want to get married all over again and do it your way this time!

Oh, Sarah! How gorgeous! And yes, the combination of you three is alchemical magic!


I love it Sarah! I cannot wait to make more magic happen this upcoming wedding season!

This is beautiful! Congratulations!

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