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Toddler Portraits - Happy Birthday Benny Blue Eyes! {personal}

Toddler Portraits by Sarah Maren Photography
My really handsome baby boy turned ONE today. ONE! How can that be? How did a whole year go by? It is has been SO FAST! But our boy is officially one year old and we just love being his family. Ben is SUCH a good kid. He is seriously the cutest thing ever. Like, people we don’t know develop crushes on him at the grocery store. I’m not sure if it’s his big blue eyes, crooked yet charming smile, devil-may-care hair do and the adorable sweetness that just pours out of him, but this kid is a keeper. Toddler Portraits by Sarah Maren PhotographyToddler Portraits by Sarah Maren Photography
I feel so blessed to be this kids mama. He has the BEST disposition ever (though I will admit, he does have a bit of a temper… especially if he’s hungry) but he is just such a sweet heart. He also has such an incredible sense of humor. He will just bust out laughing at stuff. We aren’t sure what’s funny, but whatever it is it’s a riot. He LOVES his big sister Lauren, and I so love watching them together. They have their typical sibling moments from time to time, but for the bulk of the time they are just head over heels in love with each other. Ben loves hanging out with Lauren when she’s in her room, watching Yo Gabba Gabba or Backyardagins with her, and playing around with his sis. He isn’t walking yet, but I think that’s because he can crawl so crazy fast that he just doesn’t want to slow down! And really, I’m okay with him needing me to hold him for a while longer.
Toddler Portraits by Sarah Maren Photography
Toddler Portraits by Sarah Maren Photography
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Benners! We love you!


Beautiful boy!! Happy birthday! 🙂

hey love! we met at b&z’s wedding at kissler ranch… i’m the momma of the crazy 6 year old with the camera and sleeping babe. anyway, your little man gives me total hair envy – haha! hope his birthday was awesomepants 🙂

he is quite possibly the cutest human being on earth !

Happy Birthday Ben! Sorry ladies, I’m pretty sure my little girl has dibs… I’m just saying.

Sarah Cunningham

Happy Day little Ben! You are the cutest! I’m telling you Sarah, if our kids got married! Youza!

Happy Birthday to Ben!!! I can’t believe he is already one – have a great time celebrating.

What a doll! He makes me want to have a little baby girl so that she can grow up and marry Ben and have more blue-eyed babies. Big kisses Benner!

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