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Hey! Look what I'm making! {personal}

So I’ve been going back and forth about writing this post for a couple of months. Part of me wants to shout it from the rooftops, and then there is another part of me that wants to keep it to myself. The rooftop shouter won out, as she so often does with me. That’s right, I’m making a person! A little boy to be exact who will be joining us sometime in July. While we are SUPER excited for him to come live with us, he was not what I would call “planned.” I mean, do wedding photographers plan to have babies in the middle of the summer? The answer to that is no, no they don’t. But planned or not we are excited for this new addition to our little family. I mean, hello! Look at this face! What’s not to love?

I’ve never thought of myself as someone who liked being pregnant, but I must say this one has been pretty darn easy. No sickness, no weird cravings (though I am HIGHLY susceptible to suggestion when it comes to food), not even feeling too crazy tired. All and all it’s been a pretty awesome experience and I’m really over the moon. I’m shooting weddings right up until the end, but luckily I’m getting lots of help from my wonderful husband and my really amazing photographer friends who are shooting along with me in my final weeks. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be so supported by my partner in life, my dear friends and my sweet clients. Thank you all for being so awesome during this time. I’m taking a short maternity leave after my July 1 wedding and will back in action for fall weddings. We have three spots still available for 2010 so feel free to send us an email if you’re still looking for a photographer.


Sonograms never seize to amaze me! Congrats! I’m so happy for you and little L. She must be so excited!

Congratulations Sarah!!

Congrats congrats congrats!!!

and baby makes 4, this is just the best gift ! i am so proud of you and will be by your side the whole time : )

Yeah!!! I am all happy and teary-eyed for you, Dustin and LJ. Please keep us all in the loop on your wonderful news and your amazing growing family. We will have to do non-alcoholic drinks soon!!!

Awww! I’m so happy Ben will be there to celebrate our wedding with us! YAY! Congrats Sarah and Dustin! XOXO!

A little bird spilled the beans to me, but since we haven’t actually met I thought we were safe… can’t wait to actually put a real face to a name.

On the post… “and we will love him, and hug him, and we will call him Squishy!”.

Maybe hanging out with you will help me get “accidentally” preggers! 🙂 See you Tuesday!

Congrats Sarah & Dustin!!! That is so exciting! We wish your family all the best!!- Nicole & Ryan Kidd

YEAH HOO!! SHOUT IT!! I’m so happy for you guys. Can I have one of your open spots???? 🙂 Okay, okay, I’m already married…but I’d do it again for more of your fabulous photos.

Awww look at that adorable face 🙂 Congratulations!!!

I am so excited for you, Dustin and Lauren!!!!

Wow Sarah! How delightful! Little boys are soooooo great. I hope you’re feeling good 🙂 It would be nice to catch up sometime!

tehe tehe 🙂 so much love to you all! let’s make a date to celebrate in person. xoxo!

WHEWHOO! Congratulations! I kept waiting and wondering when LJ was going to get a sibling!! Yay! Congratulations! How many weeks are we right now?

Boy!!!! Yeah, we are so happy for you. Can not wait to get to see the little one!! Take Care Sarah! Need to see you soon and catch up.

shake that baby make-ah!

so happy you and dustin!!!

Giovanna CONGRATS! What a huge blessing! I’m so excited for you!! 🙂

This is such great news! I have news myself! I’m pregnant with Twins!! Due in August! Big Congratulations to you!!

YAY!!! CONGRATS Sara! I’m so happy for you, and so glad to hear that you’re feeling so great during this pregnancy. Love ya! Shan

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