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Jamie and Joel's Wedding

You know, I am really a profoundly lucky person. I get to do the only thing I’ve ever been great at for a living, and the people that hire me to be great just so happen to be the most wonderful people in the universe. I’m not sure what I did to deserve such awesome people in my presence, but I sure am happy to have them. Jamie and Joel are no exception. On October 6th I got to photograph their amazing wedding. Thank you to the Universe for sending these two my way! I can’t even tell you how much I adore them both! Jamie and Joel are seriously one of the most perfect couples I’ve ever met. The complete each other in a very non-chessy totally awesome way. It was such an honor to hang out with them and take pictures of their most perfect day.

We started things off (of course) with the bride. Jamie was adorable! I think my favorite thing she said all day was, “When I feel like I want to be crazy, I can start hearing the narrator’s voice from Bridezilla’s describing what I want to do, and that makes me stop being crazy.” Where was she when I was getting married?

Jamie and her beautiful bridesmaids were such a pleasure to work with and so much fun to be around. We went to a lovely home near the venue and took some stunning pictures of these ladies.

And of course we photographed the fellas too!

After our mini photoshoot we headed over to the Orinda Country Club where the I Do’s and partying were set to go down. I have to tell you how impressed I was with how soothly everything went. It was a great ceremony followed by a really great party! I could have made a 45 minute slideshow just of the awesome dancing pictures! Jamie and Joel sure can cut a rug, and their guests didn’t hold back either!

A huge thank you to my most beloved Jamie and Joel and your amazing family and friends! I hope Maui was wonderful!

I have to also thank my wonderful assistant Bija who worked her tail off that day, and my dear friend Emily Allen of Solace Arts Photography who flew in from Los Angeles to shoot with me for the weekend. Both of these ladies are such awesome photographers and even more awesome people. I am so happy to call them my friends.

Check out Jamie and Joel’s slideshow for more pictures of their awesome day.

Click the image below to start the slideshow


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