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Holy cow! I seriously can’t believe that my sweet little baby girl is 6 months (and a week… I’m a little late with this) old! She is getting very good at almost crawling, and is perfect at waking up in the middle of the night and chatting with herself. She just loves to jabber on and on in the wee small hours of morning. Can I mention how much Dusty and I love it too?

Lauren is such a social baby and absolutely ADORES boys. It’s kind of scary for me that she is so young and loves boys as much as she does, but I think she likes them so much because of her totally awesome daddy. When Dustin gets home from work she squeals with delight. It’s so fun to watch them interact. They are best buddies, and it just melts my heart.

Lauren is also getting very, very mobile these days. It makes me kind of nervous as my house is not what one might call baby proofed. Lauren is learning to propel herself forward, grab onto EVERYTHING, and is starting to put everything in her mouth. She is also a big fan of making raspberry noises with her mouth. She thinks that is the greatest thing ever. She has definitely discovered her voice, and likes to test her vocal range with everything from giggles to screams. I much prefer the giggles over the screams for sure.

I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having being a mom. I love my baby girl so much, and am so happy to have her in our little family. I love taking pictures of her, laughing with her, playing with her, and all the other little silly things we do. I am so grateful to be Lauren’s mom. She’s the best girl! Plus, she’ll never be one of those people who complain there are no pictures of her when she was a baby. We definitely have that covered.


Oh, wow. She is so beautiful, Sarah! I’m so happy you’re enojoying your motherhood experience.

Yay babies!

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