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Lauren Jillian - or - My Favorite Subject

As a photographer, I take A LOT of pictures. I just don’t have loads of time to put them on professional website. Okay, let’s be honest, my HUSBAND doesn’t have loads of time to put them on my professional website. Plus, not every great photo from every fun thing I get to photograph can make it’s way to sarahmarenphotography.com. So, in an effort to share my most recent work, both professional and personal, with you I have created this little blog. I will share recent work that I have created either for clients, friends and family, or myself. I hope you have as much fun looking as I had creating.

To start off, here are some recent photos of my daughter Lauren. We had a little photo shoot in her bedroom the other morning to get the perfect pictures for her birth announcement. I might be completely inpartial, but she is pretty cute.


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