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Lyndsay and Mike {Anniversary Session}

You know what my favorite email is? Well, after the “We are having a baby!” email, my favorite email to get from a bride and groom of mine is the “We want to do an anniversary shoot!” email. I love that email, that email makes me happy. So there was some jumping around, and minor fist pumping when I got an email from Mike saying he wanted to surprise Lyndsay with a session for their first anniversary. I kept the fist pumping dignified though, don’t worry. So we met up with our most beloved Lyndsay and Mike in midtown and rocked out one of my most favorite shoots EVER!

As many of you know the first anniversary is the paper anniversary. Lyndsay wanted to try and incorporate paper into the shoot and we were lucky enough to be passing a magazine store so we stopped in for some quick pics. Oh, and since Lyndsay and Mike just happen to be on the back cover of Real Weddings Magazine, we got a shot of that too. It’s all coming full circle!

And then we were off to get a little grungier. You know me, if it’s filthy and smells bad and we’re a little worried for our safety then it’s the best possible place to take some pictures. Luckily, Lyndsay and Mike agreed and we were off!

Since Lyndsay and Mike love their car as deeply as I love my own (which is a deep love that has only been supplanted by the love I have for my husband and child) we decided to rock some pictures that included it. Also, since Mike is famous for jumping I had to make him jump too. I love boys who jump!

Since we were going strong we threw one more location onto the fire… a laundromat. Luckily it was empty as it was almost 10pm, but it was still beautiful. We had a lot of fun rocking some pictures of our happy pair. We made Lyndsay sit in a basket this time though.

Thanks to Lyndsay and Mike for KILLING IT yet again. I can never tell you how much I adore you – so I will show you with a SLIDESHOW HERE and in the box below. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your life together. We adore you! Also, a HUGE thank you to my beloved Beth Baugher of True Love Photo. Beth shot their wedding with me last year, and just happened to be around when I was shooting their family portraits last fall and then JUST HAPPENED to show up for this shoot as well! I fully expect Beth will be cracking open a coke in the waiting room when Lyndsay and Mike have babies. Thanks for everything Bethie… I adore you and you know it! Enjoy the slideshow everybody!


LOVE the jumping picture. It is 2nd only to the pics of Mike entering the dryer. Awesome.

I can’t get over how awesome these are, and can’t wait for the baby shoots, HAHA

I kinda love these pictures…kinda a lot.

um…pure magic. really the best shoot in the world of all times !
and yes…sadly i will probably just ‘drop by’ when lyndsay is crowning ?

Love it love it love it! Was so fun to get to see all of this happen! You rock miss Sarah Maren. We can not wait for next month!

Yeah!!! I’ve been excited for these…that sneak peak was just way too tempting. I love that he surprised her with an anniversary session, what a great idea. Oh, and if their future babies are half as cute, fun and photogenic as these two I look forward to years of fantastic shoots. =)

These two are so fun and adorable. What a thoughtful husband!

Oh Sarah, that back alley makes my heart flutter. These two are delicious and this shoot of them is no exception.

Hey Sarah: Just wanted to say, I love your work! I meant to introduce myself to you at SWOP meets the other week, but the night seemed to fly by. Anyways, love the laundromat shots! You seem to take a whole different angle on seemingly casual spots and make them fun!

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