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Lyndsay and Mike {day after}

I don’t think there are words for the awesome I am about to drop on ya’ll. SERIOUSLY! Lyndsay and Mike are my hero’s right now. They had a kick ass wedding, and then we got together the next afternoon and hard core ROCKED OUT their post wedding bridal session. Dustin and I were like kids in a candy store! We had so much fun with this awesome couple.
We started out in their downtown Sacramento neighborhood doing my most favorite thing – walking around following the light. It was fabulous to shoot in some places I love as well as some new places that were amazing.
Then is was off to the place these two met – Bel Air Supermarket on Arden Way. Lyndsay and Mike both worked there when they first met, and I’ve always had a strange fantasy about shooting in a grocery store and I’m a HUGE fan of the Raley’s/Bel Air/Nob Hill chain of grocery stores so really, this was like the most perfect day ever for me. 🙂
Mike has this INSANE tattoo of a phoenix on his back, and I couldn’t let the chance to photograph it pass me by. So, in the middle of the Bel Air parking lot I totally made Mike strip off his shirt. It was TOTALLY worth it. The picture of Lyndsay holding on to Mike with his arms outstretched seriously moves me. I love it!
Thanks to Lyndsay and Mike for SUCH a rockin’ night! You guys are the best and we love you loads. We can’t wait to see what your future holds!!!

Check out the slideshow for more images from this rockin’ session!

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Lyndsay and Mike - Day After

Blair Van Bussel - So Cal Photographer

Oh my goodness…….Im lovin the cart pictures, and for sure the rest of them! Awesome stuff!!


oh sarah. you’re GOOD!

I love the pic of the happy couple in the grocery store. Very neat!

i missssss youuuu bel air & raley's!!!!!! come to so cal please.

amazing as always, sarah 🙂

of your lighting technique and I especially love some of the images in the grocery store. What a great idea. keep up the great work!!

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