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lyndsay and mike esession

Sweet, beautiful Lyndsay and Mike. Seriously, if we were in high school I would want to be Lyndsay’s best friend and I’d probably have a crush on Mike. These two are so amazing, and so awesome and so in love that it just makes me all warm and tingly. I love it! And I loved photographing their engagement session.

Dustin and I met up with Lyndsay and Mike at Ink Eats & Drinks downtown on Sunday evening for their engagement pictures. After a drink and some chatting we chased the light around for a few blocks and had a darn fine time doing it. Lyndsay and Mike met while working at Rayley’s during college. And although I could write a lot of puns about the express lane of love, and so forth and so on, I will spare you. What I will tell you is these two definitely have a very deep connection and that connection just jumps out of their images. There were times when they were looking at each other and my heart would just stop! It was incredible to witness so much love.

A huge thank you to Lyndsay and Mike for a magical walk around Sacramento. I am ecstatic about your wedding this July and simply can’t wait to photograph you again! It’s seriously going to rock!

Check out the slideshow for more pictures of this amazing couple!

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Lyndsay and Mike eSession


WOW! love the colors, the shots etc….A very fine job:)

Heaven's Eye Phtotography

Love the colors. Really fun shoot and the couple is absolutely beautiful. Great finds on the backgrounds. Missed you at WPPI, but I thought about you (as I downed a beer for all my peeps who couldn’t make it:) Kathy

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