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Lyndsay and Mike {wedding}

Lyndsay and Mike…. where to begin! I honestly feel like I’m blogging about one of my dearest friends weddings right now. Lyndsay and Mike are just amazing! And I love them so stinkin’ much! It was such a pleasure photographing their wedding, and getting to know them and basically totally falling in love with them. The day after their wedding I was telling my sister about how awesome it was and totally started crying I was so overcome with how beautiful and heartfelt everything was. It was just incredible and I can’t sing their praises enough. I think another thing that made this wedding stand out was my wonderful friend Beth Baugher of True Love Photo was by my side that day. Beth is such an awesome photographer, and such a wonderful freind that our day together just FLEW by! It was an amazing day with an amazing couple and my amazing friend. How can it get better? Well… take a look at some of the pictures.
Lyndsay and Mike got hitched at the Monte Verde Inn in Foresthill, California on July 18th. It was a BEAUTIFUL day with absolutely perfect weather. Lyndsay’s black and white wedding went perfectly at this beautiful estate. It was wonderful hanging out with the bride and groom and their attendants as they got ready. Lyndsay and I are detail girls and I was SQUEALING I was so excited about some of her choices. From her shoes that read “Fairytales Are True” on the inside to her father’s wedding ring sewn into the lining of her dress to the perfect choice of well… EVERYTHING this wedding was just downright stunning. Lyndsay thought of everything and let’s be honest – I love that. 🙂
Seriously! Could Lyndsay and her girls be ANY cuter? It was so fun using this beautiful light filled room to photograph these beautiful light filled women!I adore this next picture. Lyndsay and her bridesmaids sat in the window upstairs and watched the guests arrive. I was so fun to hear the running commentary about the people they love! It was hilarious!Beth was lucky enough to hang out with the fellas. Mike and his guys were SO fun! I went over to their room just to make sure everything was going along smoothly and let me just say this… Mike has very handsome friends. Lucky Beth. 🙂
Because Lyndsay and Mike are vying for “Couple I Want to Come Live at My House” status they did my most favorite thing a couple can do on a wedding day… they saw each other prior to the ceremony! Before their guests arrived Lyndsay and Mike met up on the grounds of Monte Verde and had a first look. It was so cute! Then we got all of their family portraits done before thier other guests arrived. It was awesome, and made the little amount of time we had during the cocktail hour perfect for a few more couple shots and some portraits with their bridal party. It was awesome!
Lyndsay and Mike had a beautiful ceremony under the canopy of trees at Monte Verde. There were tears and laughter and this overwhelming sense of pure joy that just hung off their family and friends who witnessed them promise their lives to each other. And, yes, I totally cried.
Then is was party time! Again, Lyndsay and Mike thought of everything! It was a joy to be a part of their wedding and a joy to witness their love for each other. They had a wonderful wedding full of all the things that make weddings so great – love, laughter, tears, family and friends. I can’t thank them enough for making me feel like one of the dearest friends and for letting me record their wedding. It was one of the most lovely and heart warming experiences of my career and really, of my life.
Thanks to Lyndsay and Mike for being so wonderful! Thank you to their awesome family and friends for your kindness and respect. And a HUGE thank you to Beth who rocked this wedding so hard that she made me a better photographer in the hopes of just keeping up with her. Now, do yourself a favor and check out the slideshow of Lyndsay and Mike’s wedding. And stay tuned later this week for their day after session… make sure your socks are on tight cause I’m gonna try to blow those suckers right off. 🙂

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Lyndsay and Mike Wedding


Sarah, once again you are the bomb! I absolutely love the flowers!!! white and black, red an black….
This post has my 3 favorites…Jen, Beth and Sarah!
Hope we can work together this next season!

The Memory Journalists

Man alive! My two most favoritest photogs teamed up together….all I can say is WOW! Such emotion in these shots. Great job Sarah and Beth. Love you guys!

man alive is this magic. you are a rock star.
i felt so blessed to have been a part of this event.
thanks for giving me the blog love AND buying me my $1 mc donalds ice cream for the way home.
i adore you sarah maren !!
beth b

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