So it’s finally here!!! The Real Weddings Magazine we shot in March is out on stands now. I am seriously a joyful girl. I feel so blessed to have had this really incredible opportunity to work with such a wonderful magazine. I love how everything turned out and couldn’t be more pleased.

I love how everything turned out! Emily, Amelia and Autumn were so much fun to work with, and I am so glad we got to rock out this amazing shoot with them. I would be remiss not to thank my beloved Husband Dustin for being such a huge help on the shoot. From holding a light to holding my hand as I tried not to hyperventilate he did it all. And my beloved Beth Baugher! Where do I even start? I wouldn’t have made it through the first 20 minutes of the shoot without you. Thank you both for being my dream team.

Check back on Monday for a slideshow from the shoot, and see LOADS of awesome images!


Rock it our girl!!! Nice work , and sweet cover shot. Isnt OSM the most awesomest place?

Sarah, these are AMAZING!!!

I’m so happy for you to have had this opportunity. You rock, woman. I love you to pieces.

You should probably go ahead and TRIPLE your prices now.

This is gorgeous, congrats!

ps i will carry your equipment, bring you water and wipe the sweat off your brow any day : ).
a person needs hydration people !

You did wonderful! I love them, they are absolutely fantastic! You are really famous now! (As if you weren’t before! 😉 )

i am bursting with pride. amazing sister.

Holy Shiz girl!
Stunning imagery! I love them all but the one on the wine barrels is insane!

A-maz-ing!! Congrats on a great shoot!

There just aren’t words for how fabulous these pictures are!!! They and you are impressive and amazing.

A COVER SHOOT!!! Sarah Sarah Sarah you are BIG STUFF! I’m so impressed and I really have to say that I’m not even that surprised. You are awesome!

These turned out truly incredible! There are so many breathtaking shots in these spreads – I’ve been showing your work off to everyone!

Way to go Sarah, this is what a magazine should look like!

Good Gosh girl!! These are amazing!! Congrats BIG TIME!

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