I have had thing for sunrise sessions this summer.  Amy and Nick’s Roseville sunrise engagement session is no exception.  It was a JOY to meet up with these two, finally meet in person, and make some pretty pictures.  I was hoping, as I often do, for pretty morning light.  But as I sat waiting for our love birds to arrive I cursed the clouds that covered the sky.  I needed my pretty light dang it!  Amy and Nick arrived as I did my best to will away the cloud cover.  We started our session with high hopes.  And even though the clouds didn’t budge for over an hour of our session, we did get some pretty color in the sky that made my heart sing! After running around in the fields of Roseville for a bit, we headed down to Old Roseville because we knew we could find some color and hopefully, some coffee.  As fate would have it we happened upon both!  We had a great chat and bonded over our love of puzzles at Fig Tree Coffee, and of course, made some pretty pictures too! The sun graced us with her presence as we were wrapping up our morning together and it was the perfect way to end this Roseville sunrise engagement session with such a beautiful couple!  Amy and Nick are getting married this week and I am SO excited I can hardly stand it!  Here’s hoping for all the pretty light and all the love in the world!  

Roseville Sunrise Engagement Session - Sarah Maren Photography


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