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Last week I attended a conference in San Jose and this dude was my roommate.  Well, this dude and his mom, Janelle and my BFF Jill were my roommates – but really it was mostly him.  I mean, I even  made up a song for him! He is almost two months old now, and coos and smiles and basically charms the happy out of everyone he meets.  He was probably the most popular person at the conference. Seriously, SO MANY PEOPLE wanted to just be near this perfectly wonderful little dude.  I count myself as one of them! Clearly, I am madly in love with Arlo.  Which is totally fine with his mother, so it’s totally fine with me.

One of the perks of being a Sacramento newborn photographer is getting to snuggle and cuddle very fresh from the oven babies.  Arlo was just four days old when I headed over to capture him being all smooshy and newborn-y.  Even at 4 days old he was bust being awesome.  He held his head up by himself, made continues eye contact and only cried once.  Basically, he’s the worlds most perfect baby.  I am so very grateful to Janelle and Mac for letting me be around in those first few hours and days of Arlo’s existence.  He is a pretty fantastic kid, and I am just sad that I don’t have (and won’t have) a daughter his age to marry him off to.  But enough of me TELLING YOU how handsome and super cute Arlo is – let me SHOW YOU!

Sacramento Newborn Photographer - Sarah Maren Photography Sacramento Newborn Photographer - Sarah Maren Photography Sacramento Newborn Photographer - Sarah Maren Photography

I am SO very in love with all things Arlo.  From his super amazing hair (my kids were born with very little hair – so babies with hair are awesome to me!) to his perfect lips he is just the cutest.  I loved capturing his tiny perfect features in his first few days on earth.

Sacramento Newborn Photographer - Sarah Maren PhotographySacramento Newborn Photographer - Sarah Maren Photography

It was also so fun to get the whole family in on the photo action.  There is something pretty special about a brand new baby.  Even more special though is seeing a family complete.  My heart melted seeing how Arlo’s older siblings love him, and how his parents clearly adore him.  It made me so happy to be a part of such an awesome time in this family’s history.

Sarah Maren PhotographersSacramento Newborn Photographer - Sarah Maren Photography




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