Sarah Maren Photography2013 has been one heck of a year for the SMP gang!  I am actually kind of shocked I am sitting here with just a day and a half left in the year.  2014 is stretched out before me full of possibilities, hopes and desires to make as many beautiful things as I possibly can.  Going through our shoot out pictures for 2013 was kind of hilarious.  My hair has been A LOT of different colors and lengths this year and Dustin went from bearded to clean shaven and back again a couple times. I had a broken hand and still jimmied a way to shoot with the incredible help of family and friends.  We got to work with incredible couples, make beautiful images and form some seriously great friends with our clients.  We can’t thank our 2014 couples enough for being so awesome, and 2014ers we are SO excited to be working with you.  Here’s to a fantastic year behind us, and another beautiful year ahead.

Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography

I can’t thank Lisa of The Goodness enough for being my right hand at our first wedding of the year.  She saved my life!  Shooting one handed – without my dominant hand, and the hand that, you know, controls EVERYTHING on a camera was wild.  Talk about stretching yourself!  Blessedly, my second cast at least gave me the use of my trigger finger, but if I NEVER have a cast again it will be all too soon.

blog_0781blog_0780Also there is the JOY of  working side by side with my favorite Alchemy gals!  Kate and Shannon are the BEST! And getting to work with them is always the highlight of my year.  Thanks to PJ James for changing lenses for me at this wedding (again with the broken hand stuff!) and snapping off these fun pictures.

Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography

My husband CRACKS ME UP!  He LOVES to photo bomb, and he loves to make weird faces when he’s being my light tester. All part of his charm.  I think this next set of photos also shows how our personalities are so complimentary – Dustin throws an I Love You sign, I flip him the bird.  We’re perfect for each other I tell you!

Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren PhotographySarah Maren Photographyblog_0790

Favorite pictures EVER!  Love my gals at Hello Glam and of course the team at Flourish.  Oh, the joy of working with people you love!

Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography Sarah Maren Photography

Wanna see more of our crazy?  OF COURSE you do!  Check out  THE SLIDESHOW here for more fun!  Happy New Years ya’ll!



What a wonderful Slideshow! It made me seriously LOL at some of the photos. so great! Have a wonderful Happy New Year!

looks like you had a great year!! love your end of the year round-ups. 🙂

I may have just watched that whole slide show, twice. GOOD TIMES! There are so many great times in the works for 2014 too! Love you and Dustin!

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