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The Camacho Family {Portraits}

It’s no secret that I love my best friend Jill. She and I have been friends for a REALLY long time, and I honestly have visions of us as old ladies in rocking chairs yelling at grandchildren together. How much fun will that be? LOADS! Because I love Jill as much as I do, I also happen to be head over heels for her beautiful little family. She met her husband Alonso when we were in high school, and I still have such vivid memories of their first few months of dating. Who would have thought that 11 years later they would be happily married with two amazing daughters?

I won’t lie, I’ve been sitting on this blog post for a while. I REALLY wanted it to on our new site, so it’s been a month or so since I took these pictures. Nonetheless, I love them because they are SO representative of this amazing family. Jill and Alonso have been seriously blessed with two of the most amazing kids ever. Paige and Abby are smart, funny and so freaking beautiful it’s almost not fair. And really, just because I am their Fairy Godmother I am not biased at all!

I love watching Jill and her family together. They make me really excited for the coming years with my own family. Paige is in her first year of middle school, and HELLO! Can I just tell you how much that freaks me out. I can’t tell you all the crazy things her mom and I did when we were in middle school. Here’s hoping Paige is smarter about boys, and staying up too late and eating WAY too much pizza. Actually, let’s be honest the too much pizza came in high school when Jill (and two other of our friends) worked at a pizza parlor. But I digress. And Abby, my monkey, is such an old soul. That girl is strong willed to the max – she is the only 6 year old I have ever had an actual argument with. And honestly, I think she won. But she is still one of my favorite people on the planet.

From 2nd grade to our 30’s Jill has been by my side and I can’t thank her enough for that. I am so grateful she married a man who is okay with sharing her with me, and that her daughters only think I’m a little bit crazy. The Camacho’s are as much my family as anyone who shares my DNA, and for that I am so grateful. I can’t wait to see what the next 25 years of our friendship hold.

Jill, Alonso, Paige and Abby – WE LOVE YOU! Thanks for being so freaking cool it hurts, and for having so much fun with your pictures. You guys mean the world to us, and we can’t imagine life without you. Check out their slideshow below for more awesome images!


Sarah, I’ve slowly been making my way through your portfolio here and, I have had more than a few occasions where I’ve caught my breath. You have a true talent. It was awesome to see Jill & Alonso. It’s been awhile, maybe even graduation, hehe. Their daughters are beautiful. I only wish I lived in CA still, as I’d love to have you take our family portraits. Maybe you can take a trip out to MI!! 😀

Oh Sarah, these are fantastic! I love them all.

i lke the music from The camacho family
who´s the singer? or the song?
like very much your job Sarah
one friend from Barcelona (Spain)

You take family pictures to new heights! I would LOVE to see what you could do with the Andrews clan….

I could go on and on about how wonderful you are…both as a friend and a photographer. 🙂 You already know how excited I am for these pictures, but I don’t think I could accurately express how much I LOVE these pictures. They are amazing…especially because you captured us so well. We are a quirky, unconventional family, but your vision and artistic talent totally rock those aspects. And really, I don’t think Abby would’ve smiled like she did with anyone else besides you.

I love you tons…thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing these memories of my family.

Such beautiful photos of a beautiful family! I really like the processing on these.

Sarah, your talent is wonderful! I love this little family and I know you do too. You took beautiful pics of them, you even got Abby to smile 40 times! Thanks for being a good friend to my Jill for so many years, love ya, Jan

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