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The Other Side of the Lens {Personal}

So, as many of you know we shot the cover and fashion spread for the upcoming issue of Real Weddings Magazine. What I didn’t know was we would need a picture for the contributors page of the magazine. You know how the cobblers children have no shoes? Well, photographers have no pictures of themselves. It’s seriously one of the craziest things about my job. I have about a half million pictures of my daughter, and my husband, and my daughter with my husband – but pictures of me and my husband are hard to come by. So, while we were in San Francisco this weekend I asked my lovely and talented friends Maria Mrasek of Happenstance Photography and Robyn Kessler of Robyn Kessler Photography if they would snap off a shot or two of me and the hubs for the publication. They agreed, and OH MY GOSH, we seriously had the best time ever!

I can’t even begin to thank these beautiful and incredibly talented women for spending a delightful, albeit very wet, Friday afternoon with us. We feel to honored to have you as our friends!! Thank you for being such inspirations to me. I just love and adore you both!!

Check out their blogs HERE and HERE for more fun images of me and my ADORABLE husband.


You two are smokin’!!! I absolutely love the one of you guys (sans glasses) by Happenstance. Wow. Awesome shots..

How CUTE are you two??? I love these shots! Lovey – lovey.

And I love your green jacket and purple shirt. Darling.

Oh my gosh- that’s so embarrassing how much better my pictures are than Maria’s.

Love them all! Miss you two! The umbrellas are so fun, and your expressions are to die for

I am in love with these pictures!! Just sayin’…

I love them!!! Looks like you guys had a great time…you and D should definitely get more photos together. =)

you look great and so fun! the first is my fave!

you two are so cute! you should turn the camera around more often. you could seriously be a model mrs. maren! consider it. xoxoxox

Airen Patterson

Sarah! You guys look fabulous! Every shot with you laughing just has so much personality and you look like a freakin’ model in the ones where you’re just smiling! Congrats! 🙂

You two are ADORABLE! The first one is too cute and the third to last is hot, hot, hot!

You guys look great! My vote is for that very first one with the rainbow umbrellas. It just screams SARAH MAREN PHOTOGRAPHY! lol Yay and congratulations!

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