My Husband

My Husband by Sarah Maren Photography

Dearest, most beloved Dustin,

How can I thank you enough for being born? It’s impossible to think of a life without you now that you have filled mine up with every good thing I’d ever dared to dream of and then all the things too precious to ever even hope for. You are my home – safe, warm and full of unconditional love. When I see you I am overwhelmed with this incredible sense of gratitude. You are my wildest dreams come true and sitting next to me holding my hand. Thank you for being the architect of this beautiful life we have. For making me a mother, and being the best dad to the kids we made. Thank you for believing in us; in our forever and never giving up. Thanks for being the one who takes a deep breath, who gallantly ignores my flaws and magnifies my strengths, the one who dreams so big I am awestruck by the scope of all you see. Dustin Whitehead, you are everything. You are where I begin and end. Never in my life has anyone meant to me what you do. You are where I want to be; where I want to stay. You are my very best. Thank you for being you – weird and wonderful – you. You are the reason I am the luckiest. I can’t wait for decades more birthdays with you!

ALL my love,


What a wonderful post! ( your posts always are though:) )

This was so great to read. It makes my heart so warm and fuzzy.


You guys are so cute! Happy birthday D-Man!

Happy birthday. And, it’s nice to hear someone describe love so passionately.

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